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LUXE LOVE… Live the Life!

WAGMI is LOVE and Positivity 

WAGMI Merch shows you’re in a league of your own.  Pay it forward with love and happiness.  Give life and love to others.  Let them see you’re part of the New League.

Tip your hat or give a nod of peace… You’re part of the WAGMI Day Play!

We are a LUXE CRYPTO Peace Culture – On Demand Printable company.

We make products on demand instead of in bulk, so thank you for making thoughtful Eco-Peace conscious purchasing decisions!  

Buy your WAGMI SWAG and support your favorite Play Damsel NFT or Play Collectible NFT art piece. Support the Block Slang…

Be a Peace Flirt.. Flaunt Joy and Play.   

Our Play Damsel NFT’s are executed on the Ethereum L1 Blockchain.  Our new hallmark Play Damsel NFT is an ERC-721 Digital ART Asset, collectible and tradable on ETH networks.  These are OG 1/1 Proof of Collectible ETH NFT’s

More About Ethereum. 

A benefit of tracking Crypto Arts using blockchain technology is the ability to be valued, ownership verified, and subsequently transferred via crypto wallets, ensuring digital asset ownership. 

Read About Why Collectors are Buying NFT’s

Simply Connect an ETH Crypto Wallet and navigate to an Ethereum NFT Exchange Marketplace and your wallet will register your NFT on-chain.  Get a Coinbase Wallet Here 

Verified Blockchain NFT Ownership is great for copyright asset ownership and printing!

Buy your WAGMI SWAG and support your favorite Play Damsel NFT or Play Play Collectible NFT Art 

Fly Away With Us— Join the Crypto Revolution and Pay it forward with Peace, Love and WAGMI Positivity! 

We’re All Going to Make it … LOVE MORE! 

For custom designs or prints of your ETH or MATIC collectible NFT,  reach out to us for .SVG .PNG or .JPG mockups.

Starting at $50Per Product Set Mockup (3 per Design board) – Final art can be IPFS stored for your future convenience – payable in BTC, ETH and USD, Visa and Mastercard. 

Ask about IPFS Storage Uploads

Use The Ask Us Chat…

Print Products are on Demand

NFT’s are executed on Blockchain

 Custom Designs- Use the Ask Us Chat


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PEACE Collection

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WAGMI Collection

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